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    Exclamation EXEs too big

    Why are my EXEs too big when I compile
    them with BC++ 5.5 ?

    They're below 10 Kb when I compile using
    Turbo C++ 3 ..

    Is there a way I can compile with the
    latest compiler and yet make EXEs small ?

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    Well try removing the header file inclutions which are not needed...

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    I don't know about BC++, but in MSVC you can set an option to compile as debug (the default) or release. The debug (I think that's what it's called) version has lots of extra code.
    See if there's an option to set a "release" or similar compile option. Might be a command line option if you're in Unix/Linux.
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    Its a good chance thats the problem, compiling with dedbug info can really bloat an exe.

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    Not to mention, check your compiler flags and you might be able to compile for size [in sacrifice of... *gulp*... speed...] just so save your precious kilobytes...
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