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    C++ Builder code

    i'm trying to figure out how to write a win32 app in Borland C++ Builder.
    if anyone outr there is using C++ builder would you post a small piece of you code so i can see what it should looks like.

    I don't like you very much. Please post a lot less.
    *and then*
    No, I know you were joking. My point still stands.

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    Actually, you don't need to write any code.

    Simply click on new application and select run. Unfortunately, your application will do nothing other than display a blank window.

    To make it do something (i.e. display a message), drag a button (TButton) on to your form. Double click the button to create an OnClick event. Within the OnClick event function write:

    void TMainForm::OnButton1Click(TObject* Sender)
    ShowMessage("Hello World");

    Now select Run.

    The thing to remember is that your app is purely event driven. If you're used to having a main loop, you may things a little confusing at first, but will quickyly get used to it.

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