Thread: #include <string>

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    #include <string>

    does Tubo C++ 3 (DOS)
    support #include <string> ??

    it is unable to recognize the following things
    for color code:

    using namespace std;

    string something;

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    unlikely that STL will be included with that compiler. You can download a copy of STL off the net that probably can be used with it however.

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    Either way, the include is <string.h> or <cstring>

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    actually, string.h and cstring headers are the header files used to manipulate C style strings (aka, naked null terminated char arrays), the former in compilers not namespace compliant, the latter namespace compliant compilers.

    If you want to use the string class in STL, then its string without the .h or the preceding c. This will allow you to use syntax like:

    string myString;

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