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    keeping console window open

    i have a simple program i am learning on wich just ask you for in put to store in a variable then will multiply it by the other nuber you enter , then a message will apear if there == . Problem is after entering the second number and hitting the enter key the console window closes. i have cin.get() before return 0 .
    But i wish to know how to keep it open to see the full exacution of the code.

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    #include <cconio>
    #include <iostream>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
         int number[2];
         std::cout << "Please enter a number: ";
         std::cin >> number[0];
         std::cout << "\nEnter another number: ";
         std::cin >> number[1];
         std::cout << std::endl << number[0] << '*' << number[1] << " = " << number[0] * number[1] << endl;
         return 0;

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    The reason for this is that cin will leave the enter keystroke in the input buffer, therefore the cin.get at the end of the pregram simply retrieves that and exits. You can use either getch(), cin.get() twice, or cout.flush to empty the input buffer.

    Edit: Not stepping on your toes Dual Catfish, simply just explaining.

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    Thank you for your help , that makes sence now.

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