Thread: Altering files in another file system??

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    Smile Altering files in another file system??

    I am just teaching myself c++ so this might seem like a stupid question, but can someone describe how I would go about changing file names or altering information in a file from another operationg sytem.

    The reason I want to do this is to add a fuction to a boot manager (XOSL) to allow me to select different autoexec.bat files to be run before entering windows. The thing is that the boot manager uses its own kernel and file system so I need to be able to find the file then change the file names on a DOS drive so I can change the name of an alterenative autoexec.bat, eg. autoexec.bat2, to autoexec.bat and back.

    I need it to be fairly low level and generic as the kernel doesn't support all iostream functions (not that I really know what that means exactly) I'm not sure if it supports the normal fstream functions but I suppose it might as it already reads the partition information.

    As I said before, I'm just learning C++ so I'm trying to use this exercise in my learning



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    Then you will have to learn how all the other file systems works and use VxDs or something to write/read directly to sectors on the harddrive. It's not a C++ newbie project. I wouldn't be able to do it even though I am a fairly advanced C++/ASM programmer.
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    And, uh, as a newbie, don't mess with boot sectors or the like. Messing around with how your computer boots is generally NOT a wise thing, especially when you don't know exactly what you're doing.

    Wait until you know C++ and low-level I/O pretty well before you attempt this.

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