Thread: Help with msvc++ and/or system()

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    Help with msvc++ and/or system()

    Ok, I'm trying to pass dir/b/s *.ext > temp.dat to system().

    This works fine when compiled in msvc++ 6. But, it is a console application and does me no good sense I'm trying to get something I can use in pure dos. When I compile with gcc, everything compiles fine but when the above is passed to system(), dir tells me that there are too many parameter - *.ext. Anyone know why this might be?

    A simpler solution I believe, if at all possible, is there a way to make pure dos programs in msvc++?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    MSVC doesnt make "pure dos" programs........"pure dos" went out with the dinosaurs...........

    I dont believe you are still on Dos 6.2, so why cant it be a console app?

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    As Fordy says, you can't make 16 bit programs with VC++, it is a 32 bit compiler. And while we're about it...

    >>> to system().

    ... read here to find out why that is a really bad idea...
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    I've read the board faq before I posted. I'm trying to make a 16-bit program to use with a boot disk (windows 98 probably). The object of this program is to search a hard drive for a particular file or set of files and then delete them. It is mainly going to be used to clean up virus files and such on computers and hence the reason for using a boot disk. Here is a snipet of my actual code:
    int main(int argc, char * argv[]){
    //code missing that doesn't really pertain to subject
            char s[100]="";
            strcat(s,"dir/b/s ");
            strcat(s," > temp.dat");
    I'm trying to use djgpp to compile.

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