Thread: Which compiler is better?

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    Which compiler is better?

    I used to use visual basic , right now i like to step into C++, I thought that Visual C++ is the best, but was astonished that many people use others(Dev and Borland..........etc)
    why? Im wondering............thanks in advance

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    Visual C++ is a good compiler, if u can afford a couple hundred dollars, most people use Dev-C++ because:

    1) Yes, it is a good compiler (not as good as VC++ IMO)
    2) Visual C++ is a bit out of their price range (Dev-C++ is free)
    3) They are beginners


    Oh and another thing, if u dont switch VC++ to release mode, you get extreamly big filesizes

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    gcc exists almost everywhere. (it's what powers gcc). and it's free. it can do a lot of stuff that vc++ can do, given the right configuration.

    borland also released a free command line compiler. it also does much of what visual c++ does. it's also very simple to use.

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