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    exit() ?

    I have been trying to use exit() as a way to exit the program when it meets certain conditions...the complier I'm using is codewarrior...however whenever I use exit(), the error I get is: "undefined identifier 'exit' ", I have used exit() before in UNIX and it worked there a subtitute for exit(), or is it in some specific library that I need to include??...I have included
    iostream.h in my code... any help will be appreciated...thanks.

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    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <cstdlib>
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    thanks....that did work....

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    I think you should include <cstdlib> and I Think that it takes an integer argument, as far as I know, exit(0) if it exits without an error and a non zero value for exiting with an error.


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    the exit() function uses DOS's exitcode,so its probably best to use return instead,unless you want to send a 0 exitcode,meaning no errors,or non-zero meaning an/some error(s)

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