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    Question append file?

    I am very new to programming and would like to append information to a file (not write over existing text)

    I am using Microsoft visual c++ and here is my write to file code
    (writes all the information over existing text)


    void main()

    //declare variables

    char firstname[10];//allow upto 10 characters long ?
    char surname[10];
    char age[10];
    char gender[10];

    //get input from user

    cout<<"enter your christian name : ";
    cin>>firstname;//set firstname to name entered by user

    cout<<"enter your surname : ";
    cin>>surname;//set surname to name entered by user

    cout<<"enter your age : ";
    cin>>age;//set age to input entered from user

    cout<<"male or femele ? ";
    cin>>gender;//set gender to inputfrom user

    //setup new output stream (give it a name)

    ofstream outfile;

    //target it to a text file
    //then open it ready for data transfer"C:\\outtest.txt");

    //send data

    //this just appended the text one after the other
    //so how do I append all the text to the end of a file?

    cout<<endl<<"file written\n";


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    When you create the file open it to append

    ofstream file(file_name,ios::app);
    This will automactically append anything you output to the end of the file you have opened

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