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    Project Complete (Thanks)

    Just wanna say a special thanks to all those people who have answered my questions from the past few weeks i will be adding your names to the credits list on my program. without you guys i would probibly still be figuring out how to make my stupid program. And for all those who answer messages on this board keep up the good work without you this board would really suck

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    What did you make??

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    yeah!post your program
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    Talking Will see

    I might give it to the people who helped its a very good encryption and decryption program with a few new features i thought up myself making it pretty damn hard to brake. im gonna add on a few more features before i start distributing it but i can give you the copy of the program when im done. thanks again guys and gals. Now the next project im going onto is very ... new and is probibly gonna take awile if you wanna contact me about what it is and maybe help out id really apprashiate it.

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    hehe. Congrats on finishing your program... but i recommend letting other people decide if it's "very good" or not

    Post a copy of the exe that encrypts information, and post a message that you have encrypted with your program, and i'll see if i can break it... better still, email it to me so i don't have to search for this thread again (i hate using email notifications on this board).

    i'll get back to you and let you know if I could break it, and if it was hard/easy and give you ideas on how to make it harder to break. i'm sure there are other people out there who wouldn't mind giving it a go either.

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    This is snowy101 just give me a few days week tops to change it up and make it randomized i have been having trouble with that since the start and making it the same thing over and over is very easy to brake. I just gotta figure out how to compare the (int) into a (char) if it is possible which i am pretty sure theres a way. ill get it to you when the final touches are made, my e-mail is and yeh id love to hear what you think about it. thanks again to all those that helped. oh and if you want to know about my new encryption type program ill try and explain it to you and tell me what you think about the idea because its never been done before and it would be a great way to protect things or even encrypt them anyways we will talk later.

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