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    Question dev-cpp debugging

    How do I turn on the debugger?

    I always get some kind of error, usually Get Std Handle(I think, i'm away from my compiler).

    I wanna run a line-by-line on some code I don't understand, so I need to use the debugger.

    Thanks for your help.

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    First of all - you might want to post some of your code here if you can't fix this and have some other people decode it for you. My only advice is to check with their site for maybe an online manual or something. Is this and IDE or command-line?

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    its a free IDE, but surprise, it has no manual or help file. Boo hoo.

    the code works fine, I copied it out of a book
    I just wanna line-by-line it to see the flow et al. Its full of pointers and some lib functions I'm unfamilar with.

    BTW, I also get a message telling me I have to turn on the debugger. However, any debugger button or menu item I click gives me the GetStdHandle error. oO huh?

    Thanks again....

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    Goto options. Make sure that add debugging code or something like that is checked. I think it is under the last tab.

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