Thread: Books on C++... Please Help!

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    Unhappy Books on C++... Please Help!

    I'm looking for good boooks in C++ for absolute beginners. .. i wana order something from england but i cant find anything ... please help me!!

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    I'm partial to Deitel & Deitel "C++ How to Program"...I found that it stepped nicely from absolute beginnerdom to fairly advanced topics, and among other things explained pointers better than any other book that I had read. Some complaints, mostly that the STL section is poorly explained and doesn't come until the next-to-last chapter, but overall a good book. Combine it with "Thinking in C++", available free from, for a second viewpoint.

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    I have to best UK...was deitel and deitel C++ how to program..third edition.........from beginner way up high! its a big book with a hefty 37.00 price get what you pay for
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    I got that book. Its very good and covers a surprising amount of detail, and it comes with a student version of VC++

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    I've always liked the O'Reilly books for the theoretical, they grasp the concept of the language well and utilize key terms in a way that are not overwhelming to beginners. As simpleton as this may sound, Sams "C++ in 24 hours" is a great learning tool. It utilizes the features of C++ in a logical progression and is in plain English. I bought it for 25 dollars and used it all the way through college.
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    I got sams C++ in 24 hours and hated it:
    its scope is so limited,it goes on for hours on meaningless stuff
    sure it shows the implementation but not how you would use it
    it'd be beter if it wasnt so slow-moving and showed examples of programs that actualy did something with the things already learned in the book.
    And does anybody have a suggestion for a book that covers ALL C++,or a series of books doing the same,that doesn't/don't cost to much?

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    No thing is better than the Deitel & Deitel C++ how to program.


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