Thread: Big class and pointer to that.

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    Big class and pointer to that.

    As my program is getting larger, my class is getting larger too, this is what i now have:
    class GlobalDef
    	//global variables:
    	//General DirectX8 variables
    	struct GeneralDX
    		IDirect3D8				*d3d8;
    		IDirect3DDevice8		*device8;
    		D3DDISPLAYMODE			dmode;
    		D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS	e_present;
    		D3DCAPS8				Caps;
    		D3DDEVTYPE				rastermode;
    		DWORD					vertexmode;
    		D3DVIEWPORT8			viewport;
    		float					aspect;
    		//tris/sec specific.
    	//Time and FPS
    	struct TimeAndFPS
    		INT64 nFreq;
    		INT64 lTickCount;
    		INT64 cTickCount;
    		int mFrameRate;
    		int mFrameCount;
    		bool mInited;
    		//timeelapsed related
    		float timeStart;
    		float lastTime;
    		UINT64 tickspsec;
    	struct Matrices	
    		D3DXMATRIX				matWorld;
    		D3DXMATRIX				matView;
    		D3DXMATRIX				matProj;
    	struct Misc
    		RenderTechApplication	EnApp;
    		HWCaps					dcaps;
    		//zbuffer struct
    		ZModes					zd;
    		DWORD					ClearColor;
    		RECT					winRect;
    		bool					worldcull;
    		bool					ShowErrors;
    		char*					errstr;
    	struct Objects
    		//Text related goes here
    		vector<FontMan>		Fonts;
    		UINT				fontnum;
    		RECT				textRect;
    	//window structure
    	struct WindowStruct
    		HWND			hWnd;
    		HINSTANCE		hInst;
    		int				iWidth;
    		int				iHeight;
    		char*			clsName;
    	struct Input
    		LPDIRECTINPUT8			input8;
    		char					KeyBuf[256];
    		//mouse state
    		DIMOUSESTATE2			MState;
    		//used to check if devices are acquired.
    		bool kaq;
    		bool maq;
    There is a pointer to that class GlobalDef* g;

    My question now is, how much overhead there is? Could it be better to use global variables instead of this huge class, which will grow twice as that in the future?

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    Dunno what you're worring about? It aint big at all.

    Just declare a static instance of your class. In this case, your class acts as nothing more than a namespace for your global variables.

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    I shouldnt declare a pointer of it? What would be the difference between a pointer to class and just an instance to it? This class will not (possibly not..) have any functions, only variables.

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    > I shouldnt declare a pointer of it?

    Let me ask, would you do this:

    int* a = new int;

    or just:

    int a;

    I suppose the only thing you need to be careful of is the actual size of your class. I notice that many of the data items in it are pointers to other data (hence there are pointers of just 4 bytes).

    Do a sizeof on your class. If we are talking about KB's or more make an instance on the heap (as opposed to the stack) by calling new. Then use a static pointer to point to that instance.


    static GlobalDef* def = new GlobalDef

    Otherwise, just declare a static instance in a header file and stop worrying. Like so:

    static GlobalDef def;
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    Ok, thank you very much
    I was worrying because the class will get very huge.

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