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    Unhappy forgot how to do somthing...

    ok, heres my lil dilema, im making an IRC client with wonsock, so far, so good, except i need to return a pong everytime a server sends a ping with a random number... I.E.

    server sends << PING 123321
    then i send >> PONG 123321

    this will enable me to stay connected to the server, now what my problem is, is i forgot how to replace variables. and my C++ book i use as a referance is sorta missing in action, i think i let a friend use it anyways.

    right after my
    recv(Socket, data, 1024, 0);

    i have a strcmp looking for ping, now when it recieves the ping i simply want to change ping to pong set it to a string and send it back.
    send(Socket, data, 1024, 0);

    thus giving me my automated ping pong event handler... but i forgot how to change ping to pong =/ also, to prevent abuse, how would i make it only send pongs back to the server, because with strcmp some jack ass in a room could just type ping blah a bunch and make me send false pongs to the server most likely getting my client Z:lined for flooding.

    thanks in advance.

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    i remember doin somthin similar like this a long time ago, i think i used strcmp and strcat, but im not sure...

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    Try this.
       if ((strncmp(data,"PING",4)) == 0)
          data[1] = 'O';
          cout << "PING not found." << endl;

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    You could also use strstr, which returns a pointer to the phrase 'PING', assuming that's what you're looking for, then modify the next character up from the returned pointer.

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