Thread: Is C/C++ next to machine language

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    Is C/C++ next to machine language

    I had a conversation with my brother-in-law about C/C++ programming. And he said that C++ programming is the fastest language next to machine programming. Is that true.

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    I wouldnt think so. You have a lot of lower level langauges like Macro-assembler and Assembler. so no i wouldnt say it was.

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    c++ can be faster than assembly. Really depends
    on who's writing a the c++ code and who's writing
    the assembly code.

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    c++ is considered a third generation level language.
    0. hard wired computers
    1. machine langs
    2. assemblers
    3. procedural langauges - c/c++, pascal, fortran, etc
    4. database langs, visual programming, etc.

    speed generally decreases on the way down as the language becomes closer and closer to a natural language (like english)

    The fastest c++ program will only be as fast as its assembly counterpart, can't be faster. (assuiming we have equivalent levels of skill of the programmers)

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