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    If there a way to scan a folder for names that are in .txt format that you do not know the name for. i use c++ borland vrs 5. and i would like to know how to do this. if you need any detailed info about this question send me an e-mail.

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    If you want to scan for filenames then use the windows functions FindFirstFile and FindNextFile.

    eg, get all .txt files in the c:\ directory
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main(void)
    	WIN32_FIND_DATA file;
    	HANDLE nextfile;
    	BOOL res;
    	// get info on a file
    	nextfile = FindFirstFile("c:\\*.txt", &file);
    		cout << file.cFileName << endl;
    		// get info on next file
    		res = FindNextFile(nextfile, &file);
    	} while(res);
    	return 0;

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