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    Well that chat stuff isnt too difficult... well a little but I'm picking it up pretty fast thanx to whoever it was that gave me that link it really helped. Anyways I have a new question its not part of my school I just enjoy coding in C++ and I want to know if anyone knows of any good books on Microsoft Visual C++. I just really dont wanna go out there and spend 60-100 bucks on a book that sucks (I'm canadian so everything is super expensive!). Anyways the book name and author is all I really need but a quick run down of the book would be very appreciated!

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    Microsoft help files are a great place to get info.
    They are practically a book themselves. In fact many of the examples are the same ones they put in books.
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    There is a big black book called 'using Visual C++ 6', author is 'Kate Gregory' and it's published by 'QUE'. I found it good when I was beginning but I don't use VC++ anymore so I can't say what it would be like for intermediate programmers.
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