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Thread: DOS vs. Win32

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    Jun 2002
    I dont know why it is here.. but I think DOS has only one big disadvantage: I cannot allocate more then 600k of memory..(borland c++ 3.1)
    But with djgpp and linux compilers (gcc, ..) maybe all memory is accesible.. but djgpp doesnt want to run on my machine, it gives me error 'cannot allocate <about 160kB> after allocating <about 6kB>' so I'm sad..

    And what do you think about LINUX?
    It is free at least

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    Jun 2002
    Well... I live in Bulgaria :)
    Win32 ofcource ...

    1'st its 32 bit OS with virtual memory and preemptive multitasking (DOS has only TSR wich i think is crude) with procceses and threads

    FAT32 is not supported by DOS

    If GUI is the thing that eats your performance then get a Linux without an X, its better than both Win32 and DOS
    (and its a 32 bit OS with virtual memory and preemptive multitasking )

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    I myself think that win32 is better. It has directx, and thats that. Have you ever seen graphics like Black & White in DOS?

    And about Dos4gw running faster, yeah it will if you don't do polygon stuff.

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    You Can Use DirectX in C++ too.

    in DOS it easier but in Win32 its better
    and more comfortable.

    I think That Win32 is for big and good projects.

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