Thread: Anyone reccomend Digital Mars compiler?

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    Anyone reccomend Digital Mars compiler?

    DJPP compiler coupled with RHIDE IDE just acts too unstable for me. It freezes up just about every time I try to use it. I blame it on XP. It worked better in Windows 98.... (Yes, I'm using the new XP compliant files.)
    I also don't really like Dev C++, it too screws up every now and then. Another thing is that I want a GOOD compiler that I know is going to work. Digital Mars looks promising, but I don't know. I can't download it because the server is always busy no matter when I try...
    If I did get it I would probably get the CD so I could get the full IDE. I was just wondering if anyone knew if DM was any good. If you have a better suggestion I would love to hear it.

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    i would not recommend it

    I hated it, this is my opinion but of all the compilers i've ever used (tons) It was very far down there. I think a borland command line environment with an IDE would work well for you. Or if you have money to spare go with

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    How about mingw? I've never personally used it, but I hear it's a nice light weight (compliant) compiler.

    There's also Dev-C++, It's a very nice compiler... I used it before I got VC++ 6.

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    Download Linux for free. Install it and use gcc.

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    I would use mingw or borland's command line compiler. You could also try rhide for windows or one of the many ide's out there.
    The c++ compiler for digital mars is really out of date but you might be able to use the c compiler.

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    Go with MinGW. It's the Windows port of GCC (very popular on UNIX systems). It's also the compiler that Dev-C++ uses. It's a very high quality compiler.
    Using third party libraries (like SDL) sometimes requires using a utility (I use reimp) but it's not much of a hassle.
    Here's a link to reimp:

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    No all be wrong except one. Linux and gcc are good for use by you

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    I use DJGPP on Win2000, and I find that RHIDE always crashes on me. Borland's old bc.exe was a good one, but I don't know if it is still available. Anyway, why not just use your gcc compiler that rhide uses? It works fine for me on the command-line. I use edit.exe for actually writing the code (I usually have one cmd window open for each source file I'm working on, and one for using the compiler). IDEs can make life simpler, but I believe (as do my professors and lab instructors) that its better to be able to program without them.

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