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    I'm new to C++, so please bear with me

    I'm trying to use the vector STL and I need to delete an element from the vector.

    I have created an object called Book and I store them in a vector of Books (vector<Book>).

    On certain occasions, I need to delete a Book from the vector.
    I'm having trouble with this:

    The way I'm trying to do is to transfer the contents of the vector of Books a temp vector. Then I will copy the Books except for the deleted book back to the original vector.

    for example:
    (There exists a populated vector<Books> books)

    vector<Books> temp;
    string title; //title of book to be deleted
    for (int i=temp.size()-1; i>=0; i--)
    {    if (temp[i].getTitle() != title)
          { books.pushback(temp.pop_back());       //ERROR
    However, i get an error like this:
    invalid use of void expression.

    is there anyway I can do this operation?
    Thanks a lot!!

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    There is no need to copy the items over to another vector

    just erase the item

    one of the benefits of vectors

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