Thread: How to use threads

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    How to use threads

    I am writing a basic server/client chat program for the console using winsock.

    Im trying to figure out how I can get it to be able to send and recieve msgs all at the same time.. I came to the conclusion that threads must be the best way to do this..

    But I dont know how to do them so does anyone have a good tutorial somewhere, or another method I can use.

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    Since you mention winsock, I am assuming you are on a windows platform. If you are, goto the ftp link in Dual-Catfish's signature and download the chm of Programming Windows by Charles Petzold. It should give you a descent introduction.

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    Thats me!

    If you want a nice tutorial on threads, download "Programming C++ Applications for Microsoft Windows" by Jeff Richter off of my FTP.


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