Thread: String Statement problem

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    String Statement problem

    ok i declared string word2; in c++ borland vrs 6 and i wanted to add records or varibles , whatever you call them so i wrote it like this string word2[10]; now it runs the program but what i want to be displayed does not display the amount of characters i am reading is no more then 5 so 10 should work fine. i need to know why its not displaying heres a peice of code that might help you solve my problem.

    #include <string.h>

    string word2[10];

    for(a = 1;a <= filecount; a = a + 1)//filecount counts how many
    times it loops in scan.
    cout << word2[a] <<" ";

    now this should display word2 but it doesn't plz help

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    The code you have posted does not have anything in word2. And you do not need to loop to display the array:

    const int WORD_SIZE = 10;

    char word[WORD_SIZE];

    strcpy( word, "Hello" ); // Put something in the array

    cout << word << endl; // you can output it like a char pointer

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    Thanks for the help i thought i had to use a string to compare to the characters in the .txt file i was scanning thanks for the help!

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    I have a quick little question. I notice that most of the time I see people asking about string.h, but why not just use APstring?(and the other APclasses for that matter ie..apvector, apmatrix) Is it just you reply using what the original post-er used. Or is it that you dont use it much. Im just curious to know how many actually use these...thanks

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    I'm not sure what you're trying to do here.... string word2[10]; creates an array of 10 strings. You only need string word2; or char word2[10];.

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    Also, if you wanted to use that loop to display it, a should start at 0 (array elements are numbered starting at 0)

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