Thread: help with classes or threads or something :)

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    help with classes or threads or something :)

    having some problem here, don't really know what the question is supposed to be though.
    I'm using a function MPCreateThread() from the MP library on mac, like MPCreateThread(MyTask, ...) where MyTask is some function. Is it possible to let this function be a member of a class?
    Oh...the question seem to have appeared..
    anyway, I can't get this to work...
    what is it that differs a memberfunction from a non-class funtion, and making this not to work?


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    I dont have a mac and I am not familiar with the library, but I have not in general seen a thread library where you can use a member function of a class as the callback routine.

    FYI class members differ from regular functions in that they implicitly get passed the "this" pointer. How this is done I think is compiler specific, for instance in VC I think the this pointer is passed via the ECX register, but for other compilers I'm sure it's probably different. Thats more or less just trivia, for dopes like us anyway.

    You can declare the member function of the class to be static, and you effectively demote the member of the class to being a regular function ( this is not implicitly passed), but if the library supports it, you may want to look into passing a function object instead, which is probably the "correct" way to do that sort of thing.

    Good luck, hope it helps.

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