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    Okay probably a totally stupid question here that I am going to get booted and maimed for life for, but I know some but not a lot of c++ i'm not a noob, but nowhere near a pro or anything either. Well, i'm taking the step into windows programming and my book is based a lot on c. A lot of places you have to use NULL i know in c++ it was represented as /0 and i mainly just used it for strings, what exactly is the whole purpose of this NULL as far as c and win32?
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    NULL is a pointer - as described here

    NUL (or nul) is ASCII character zero, written in C as '\0', which is used to mark the ends of strings.

    As for use of NULL as it relates to windows specific programming, then ask on this board

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    Thanks salem, i'll take a gander through that and see what i come up with.
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