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    Class Templating

    I'm making a basic AI program for decoding information, and class templates looks they could be very useful to my source code. Unfortunately, my tutorial doesn't explain how to do it, or even it itself. I was wandering if omseone could either link me to a good tutorial, or explain to me (and the syntax for doing it). Thanks in advance.

    Also: is this just a C++ thing or can C structures do it too?

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    This is a simple class to add things up. They can be anything for which the += operator is defined (or overloaded )

    template < class T >
    class Sum
       Sum( ) { total = 0; }
       Sum( T* typeArray, int size );
       T calcTotal( );
       T* array;   //pointer to array
       T total;   //total
       int size;   //size of array passed via constructor
    T Sum::calcTotal( )
       total = 0;
       for( int i = 0; i < size; i++ )
          total += array[ i ];
       return total;
    This may not be the best example,its just a simple explanation of a template class. This now means that any user defined type (or standard C++ type) for which the += operator is defined can be used in this class. Its very useful when dealing with things such as sorting algorithms and data structures.

    If thats not clear ask again and I'll try to explain it better....

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    There seems to be a brief explanation:

    Templates are not available in standard C. They are a property of C++ which provides some abstraction.

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    Although some of their functionality can be imitated in straight C using macros.

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    Thanks - I got it now

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