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    simple question

    what is an unsigned integer?
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    umm.. its an unsigned integer....

    meaning... un-negative, positive only...

    so if you call a unsigned int and its value is less than 0 it will say 0 instead of -(number here)
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    >what is an unsigned integer?
    An integer that cannot hold negative values, so instead of spanning a certain length into the negative field and a certain length into the positive field, an unsigned integer uses all of its bits for positive values. For example:

    On my system, the max and min values of a signed integer are 2147483647 and -2147483648, respectively. The max and min values of an unsigned integer are 4294967295 and 0. In the unsigned version, all of the bits are used for a positive value and thus can have a higher value than a signed int.

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