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    Question Dev-C++

    I actually have two questions.
    1) I downloaded the latest version of Bloodshed, and have this problem. When I double-click any *.cpp or *.dev, it opens the program, but not the file. I muct File-Open. Small problem, but annoying.
    2) I am VERY new to C++, any other good websites for the beginner to learn about C++? There are a lot of questions I am pondering, and hope that there may be other websites that could answer them.

    Thanks in advance


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    1) You should maybe edit the file name associations setup in your windows.

    Basic tutorial:
    Standard Template Library:

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    I started with that's where I learned how to make my very first hello, world program. I love the site, and I'll never leave.

    Oh and is a very nice site too. It teaches some of your intermediate stuff like OOP and things like that, as well as your entry level stuff like hello, world and iostream.

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    Great, thanks for the replies. I will check out the
    Fry, since you were taught from this website, maybe I will look again. Thx again :- )

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