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    I have a problem with reading iofiles. I tried to create an array and output it to a file. Then input the array back into the program as variables.

    But I am unable to get the correct values back.

    Also, when I check the file, I realise only 1 value is written to the file.

    What can/should I do?

    Thanks in advance...

    The codes is here:
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <fstream.h>
    #include <conio.h>

    int presskey();

    int main()
    int x, y, anarray[1][1];
    cout << "Please enter a number. \n";
    cin >> x;
    cout << "Please enter another number. \n";
    cin >> y;
    ofstream a_file("arrayio.txt");
    anarray[1][1] = x, y;
    a_file << anarray[1][1];

    ifstream b_file("arrayio.txt");
    b_file >> anarray[1][1];
    cout << anarray[1][1];

    return 0;

    int presskey()
    cout << " Press Enter to continue... \n";

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    You are declaring an array of 1x1, and that can hold only one value. Try using :
    int anarray[2];
    anarray[0] = x;
    anarray[1] = y;

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    Thanks for your answer. But how do I store and read a two demisional array from a file?

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    Try using write :
    ofstream f("test.txt");
    int arr[3][4];
    f.write((char*)arr, sizeof(arr));
    To read from the file use read :
    ifstream inFile("test.txt");
    int arr[3][4];*)arr, sizeof(arr));

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