Thread: __asm don't work

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    Angry __asm don't work

    When i'am putting an assembler code in C++ like



    and calling some of int 13h(I use only BIOS INT in windows applications) and it won't work, works only INT 3, but other functions(int 13h......) don't. Commands MOV,XOR...... works correct.
    I use W2k, may be it is the problem, but as Administrator.
    What is the problem???
    I copied form help file code that generates a system beep and pasted it into .cpp. I tried it in BC5 and in MSVC6, works only under BC nor in MSVC, when creating DOS app, but if it's created as win app, it don't work in both,

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    theres no such thing as a bios 13h interrupt. the correct way to use hex numbers is with the 0x prefix: 0x13.

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