Thread: Does anybody know how to read from Glucometers?

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    Lightbulb Does anybody know how to read from Glucometers?

    I am in need of some programming help.

    Does anybody have any source code that reads information from and 1 major glucometer that I can see to send me down the right path.

    Please let me know.

    If the code helps me enough, I will be willing to compensate.

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    what is a glucouster? Details, please.

    that seems very advanced.

    my only advice is try do a search.
    I'm using Borland C++ compiler v5.5

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    What does your glucometer look like? I assume it is an instrument for measuring something, so there should be a sensor in it somewhere. Since you want it to communicate with software, I also assume the sensor gives an analogue electric signal, which is passed to an ADC. What's after the ADC. Perhaps the digital signal is passed to the parallel port? In order to help you, you should provide more information on the used interfaces.

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