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    Question Compilers

    Hi! I'm new to C++ Programming. I got have a few tutorials , but none of them are clear on what a compiler dose, where i can get one and how building and compiling works! I don't even knoe how to execute a program! Can some one Please tell me how they work, what they do and how to use them coz i have NO idea!
    reconmendations for compilers are welcome!


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    Look in the upper left under compilers


    A compiler takes the code you write and converts it to an obj file which is basically its ascii equivalent. For higher level languages it also produces the code to generate memory for variables, resolving all that class and abstract stuff to memory locations and assigns ids to all your functions, and..... This could go on and on. For the general idea just retain the first line and some of the stuff inbetween. Now a linker does what it sounds like, that is it links all your files together and converts it to a binary executable format.
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    well said.

    If you want to know all the technical stuff, I used to have a link somewhere that described every proccess in detail. I lost it when my HD crashed though

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    good explanation, but lets make that plain english.
    your compiler takes the sourcecode that you write. the compiler compiles to what is called object code. what the linker does is take object files and put them together and turn them into what we commonly call executables(.exe in windows). if you want an expansion on what i said, then look at Traveller's post .

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