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    Hi I'm new.... I'm taking a class in school and I'm interested in a few programming tips...

    I'll be back...

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    Cool, welcome...

    Read, read, read...

    Get yourself a compiler...

    If you can't get it to work, post here, but only if you tried. Don't just say "I need this program done by tomorrow and I haven't started it yet"

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    I don't know C++ very well, but I got good experience with Pascal, JScript, VB and programming in general. I tell you one thing. All you need is patience. You spent 95% of time debugging, finding bugs in your code. And in 95% cases, it's probably your mistake. We are creatures. Computer is machine. If computer goes wrong, it's because a man wrote wrong program for it. EVEN IF IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S NOT YOUR MISTAKE IT USUALLY IS! And you need to know how to quickly browse help files and internet references. Books are good for learning basics of the language, but if you need something like an API function, you always need to look for the newest version, because there are many versions of everything. Help files (I mean those .hlp) can give you very fast and clear advice, I think they're the BEST source of information (except online boards of course ), so learn to use them perfectly! That's all.

    P.S. It's just my opinion I'm telling you, maybe it's wrong (moderators'd put a reply here if it's really wrong ). It's up to you how you'll do it.

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    I agree with Larry, errors are caused by humans. But one interesting story though:
    For our final assesment on C++ we had to do a large program which took me 70 hours straight out (I'm one of those blokes who finishes assignments A.S.A.P and hands them in early). As was expected I also handed in 6 pages of output to show my testing of my program. I had high expectations of getting full marks. locked the teachers computer each time he tried to run it.

    I had an early version VC++ 6.0 which had a mistake in it that the C++ standards committee forced them to correct.

    On a good note, the teacher read the code and saw my testing and gave me 35/40. He said it was the first time he had ever passed a program that wouldn't work

    If you are curious the line was (PS don't do this line at home!) ->
    while (!start.eof()) //If the end of file is not reached then do another loop
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