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    scanf a null charactor

    I am trying to update a file the user is asked to enter the new reorder level (integer) if they do not require to update this field they press enter. The code below is what i am using, it works if the customer enters a number, if they enter through the program fails at the scanf. Is there a way to get around this.

    printf("\nWhat is the reorder level?");
    scanf("%d", &temp_s.reorderLevel);
    if(temp_s.reorderLevel != NULL)
    (*new_s).reorderLevel = temp_s.reorderLevel;

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    scanf("%d", &temp_s.reorderLevel);
    if(temp_s.reorderLevel != NULL)
    (*new_s).reorderLevel = temp_s.reorderLevel;

    What is temp%s.reorderLevel?
    If it's a pointer, then the scanf won't work(you try to save an integer %d to adress of pointer temp_s.reorderLevel,
    and if it's an integer, then temp_s.reorderLevel != NULL is very queer compararison..

    I think I didn't solve your problem because in my opinion you want this: if user press Enter, the default value will be used(e.g. last setting of reorderLevel). Maybe you can read a char, not an int, if user press Enter twice, you will get '\n' character so you know that user hit Enter. And if you get a digit, you can read the rest of the digits from input and then use a function like atoi().
    It's complicated, so if someone know better solution, please post it here, it's quite interisting problem..

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