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    C++ Question

    I am trying to expand on a currency conversion code that I wrote I'm tryin to create a menu (using a loop) that allows the user to choose which currency and the amount of the foreign currency they wish to convert to US dollars. The program will continue running u.ntil the user select "Exit" option. Below is the code I been done so far


    double amount = 0.0; /*Stores user input*/

    int main()
    cout<<"Currency Conversion"<<endl;


    cout<<"Enter the amount in US Dollar: "; /*Prompt user for amount*/

    cin>>amount; /* Read in the amount*/

    /*Convert the amount to each currency type and print it out*/

    cout<<amount<<" US Dollars = "<<amount/0.6072<<" Swiss Francs\n";
    cout<<amount<<" US Dollars = "<<amount/1.4320<<" British Pounds\n";
    cout<<amount<<" US Dollars = "<<amount/0.0081<<" Japanese Yens\n";
    cout<<amount<<" US Dollars = "<<amount/0.6556<<" Canadian Dollars\n";
    cout<<amount<<" US Dollars = "<<amount/0.8923<<" Euros\n";


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    so what are you asking ?
    how to write a loop?

    also note the global variable i see, omg please dont use that !
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    A loop.. so:
    int menu()
      int x;
      cout << "What do you want?";
      cout << "1 - exit\n" << "2 - continue"<< endl;
      cin >> x;
      return (x - 1);
    int main(void)
    while (menu()) {
       // do something, your conversion for example
      return 0;
    You can use do-while loop instead of while..
    Maybe there are some bugs, but I don't have time to debug it.

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    MAZO did it...

    I think that was the right way,,,
    good job MAZO
    The best

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    ob1cnobe: how many times have you posted this SAME post to this board?! I've seen it in quite a few different threads!

    The reason you're not getting help is because you're not trying to do things yourself, and you're not really asking a question!!!

    If you READ the other threads, and follow people's advice, you may just get better responses from people!

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