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    Question C++ file access

    I have a text file, either created manually, or as an output from a vb program (not yet completed, so output format can be modified slightly), that I need to input into my c++ program. I need to be able to read a series of integers, characters and floats from the file, in order and assign these values to the correct type of variable.
    Currently, I can only open the file and read in the character values bit by bit or in blocks. Does anyone know how I can get this to work?

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    ifstream will open a file for reading, as tho it were coming from cin

    ifstream input("filename.txt");
    int anInt;
    char aChar;
    double aDouble;
    float aFloat;

    if ( )
    cout << "Error unable to open filename.txt";
    return -1;
    input >> anInt >> aChar >> aDouble >> aFloat;

    That would read an int, a char, a double, then a float from the file "filename.txt"

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