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    Unhappy debugging problem

    I have a little problem.
    When i'am debugging my program with MSVC 6.0 I recieve no errors, but when I siply execute it in Explorer it works incorrect. What is the problem? It is the same EXE. I just can't fix bugs like that, it's too big program(a lot of code).
    I think that problem could be in memory managment (malloc). I'am useing this function(malloc), but sometimes it fails even if I have free memory(swap & RAM).
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    >What is the problem?

    It's the wrong time of the month, I afraid. It's recently be proved that computers follow a similar menstral cycle as women.

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    someone else had a similar problem to this a while ago, and just like you, he didnt paste any code or give any useful information!!!

    you've basically said "i have a problem, how do i fix it?" how are we supposed to help you if you dont give us any other information?

    One thing that i can think of off the top of my head is file paths. When you run your code through the IDE, the working directory is where your source code lies. when you run it through explorer, it's the directory you run the program in.

    so, if you are trying to open files from your program using relative paths rather than absolute paths, then double clicking your exe will look for the files in a different folder than it would through the IDE.

    there's a possibility that your program is trying to open a file that it can't find.. and you might not have appropriate error checking in your code to make sure the file exists before trying to read from it.

    if that's not the problem, then give us a bit more of a clue!!

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    Problem also can be in some pointers, e.g. you use index n in n-element array which is indexed from 0 to n-1. This will give pretty amount of different output, depending on nearly everything..
    I have similar problems from time to time, for example my compiler crashes down if I use function without prototype, but not always..

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