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    Alegor Alegro

    Well i run windows XP.. i have a problem installing DJGGP compiler and Alegro... It gives me soem error always... I even tried their help but nothing works.. Does any one know exatly how to do it...


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    DJGPP wont compile under windoze XP. I would suggest Win ME. And Allegro is with two"L".
    But you can give it a shot.

    Go to the dir where you have Allegro, then start->run and type command. There you should have the path to the dir where allegro sources are and then type make. If it works youre lucky or else too bad.
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    I have a suggestion. If you are just going to use Allegro, download Dev-C++ 4 (don't use 5) and download the MingW32 pre-compiled installer, and put it on Dev-C++ 4.

    The main reasons are

    * Allegro runs faster in Windows, because it uses DirectX (or OpenGL, if you download a patch for Allegro)

    * Windows programs are more supported, since WinXP hates DOS programs (it only uses an emulator of DOS, so some progs won't work)

    * Allegro programs can be smaller than DOS ones, because you can dynamically link the Allegro library, instead of only statically, like DOS does

    * Allegro in Windows has more features, and can access your 3D hardware better than DOS does

    * DirectSound makes your sound and music sound good

    Many more things I haven't already listed.

    The only thing you can't do in Windows is the Triple Buffering, but hardly anybody uses that anyway. Double Buffering, Page Flipping, and Dirty Rectangles are the way to go.

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