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    File I/O

    I want to make a program that allows you to login and sign up.
    I have it all done except for I want to make it so when you sign up each time it creates a different file. I don't want to specify the file name I want the file to be user name the person inputs when they are signing up I tried this

    ofstream a_file(name".txt);


    ofstream a_file(name>>".txt);

    and this

    char txt[6]=".txt"; ................
    ...............ofstream a_file(name>>txt


    ofstream a_file(nametxt);

    I have all the other code there I just didn't want to include it all.
    well I am pretty much baffled so please can someone out there help me. Thanx


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    From what you've posted I think strcat should do the trick. Something like this:

    char name[12];
    cout<<"Enter username (must be 8 or less characters):"<<"\n"
    ofstream a_file;;
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