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    Unhappy Program Needed!!


    Pls help me out...My prog crashes when I start reading the text file......It reads the names......but cant go further....
    It was working perfect initially when the gender was kept as string..
    But our teacher wants it to be read as char.....

    Error message is DEBUG error----Abnormal program termination-Press retry to debug the application........


    thanks a lot.

    int adatabase(competitor database[], int &tmprec , int &tempID)
        int i =0;
        string tempString="abs";
         ifstream inputFile("records.txt", ios::in );
        tempID= atoi(readFileLine(inputFile).c_str());
         /*if(inputFile.seekg(0, ios::end))
    	cout<<"file is empty"<<endl;
    	tmprec =0;
            while(!inputFile.eof() && tmprec < DATABASESIZE)
           database[tmprec].competitorName= readFileLine(inputFile);
            database[tmprec].ID = atoi(readFileLine(inputFile).c_str());
           tempString = readFileLine(inputFile);
          char compGend=;//PROBLEM LIES HERE..I     SUPPOSE
            database[tmprec].compGender = compGend;
            database[tmprec] atoi(readFileLine     (inputFile).c_str());
            database[tmprec].birthDate.month = atoi(readFileLine(inputFile).c_str());
           database[tmprec].birthDate.year = atoi(readFileLine(inputFile).c_str());
    tmprec= tmprec++; 
    return tmprec;
    return tempID;
    string readFileLine(ifstream &inputFile)
        char buffer[SIZE];
        inputFile.getline(buffer, SIZE, '\n');
        return buffer;
    SIZE is a global constant : const int SIZE = 81;

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    You're reading
    tempString = readFileLine(inputFile);
    one char at a time, except...

    ...the at() function requires a loop as though you were reading one char at a time from an array.

    Little complicated.

    You need the length of the string that you're reading first.

    int tempStringLen = tempString.length();
    for (int x = 0; x < tempStringLen; x++)
         char compGend =;
    (I would declare 'compGend' earlier to avoid a possible warning/error.)

    I'm doing a little scrambling here, but it should give you something to work with.
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    Smile thanks

    thanks Skipper , ur a genius....

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    >Press retry to debug the application........

    Silly question maybe, but did you ? The debugger is the most usefull tool for fixing crashes. Learn to use it.

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    try this:
    ifstream fin("filename.nam");

    for example.
    tudehopet uses Borland Compiler 5.5
    and Visual C++ 6.

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