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    Question C++ io PORT hints

    I am working on a small robotics project, and I am pretty much fermillier with C++, and have written a couple of short programs. For my robot I am choseing to use c++ for programing the computer, and not basic. I have not goten information about sending data to and from the parrallel port.

    I DO understand data flow, and variables and that sort of stuff, I only need help with the in/out commands.

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    The compiler I am useing is MS Visiual C++ Standard Edition v4. I am planning on running this under win 95, in my robot.

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    I think you can open the ports with fstream and do it. I know you can for LPT and COM ports.

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    I figured out how to send data to the port useing the code:

    cout >> "decmal");
    cin << dec;
    _outp(0x378, dec);

    this had worked out well, and I can sent any binary to the port: I used it with a electronics kit to sent 5v to the breadboard. I wrote a motor control program like this.

    I still can't figure out eh input

    I tried this:

    _inp (0x378, strobe)

    but the compiler says there is strobe is not defined as a variable, but it not used as one.

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    I don't understand how you get the code to actually move stuff in the robot. If you could give me a URL for this kind of stuff. I've always been interested in it.

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