Thread: Saving array of structs to file

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    Saving array of structs to file

    My program deals with the following structs:
    struct NodeType
    	bool IsQuestion;
    	string info;
    	NodeType* right;
    	NodeType* left;
    which is actually a node in a binary tree.
    I want now to save this binary tree to a file as an array and then recover it when the program starts again.
    I tried fread() and fwrite(), but the program crashes, probably because these functions doesn't know how to handle string.

    Can someone suggest me a way of doing this?

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    > NodeType* right;
    > NodeType* left;

    I think this is the problem. These are pointers which are dynamically allocated at runtime. Once your program quits, and is restarted, your program is loaded into another section of memory, and these pointers are no longer valid.

    I'm not sure what the solution would be.

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    You're right. The error is on these pointers. I created an additional struct type and replace string with char*:
    [CODE ]
    struct ArrayNode
    bool IsQuestion;
    char *info;
    and I used natural mapping for the conversion. Now it works fine.

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