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    I want to design a program that prompts a user to enter their name and a grade and prompt them to either continue with input or stop input. It will loop until the user has no more entries. Then I want the input to be saved into a .TXT or .DAT file and if possible sort that file by grade. How would I go about starting that? This is all really confusing to me but I'm trying to learn..

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    first learn basic C++

    PHP Code:
    bool keepgoing; student_rec rec; do {       ask_name(&rec);       ask_grade(&rec);       save_data(rec); } while( wish_to_continue() ) 
    -design a record or class to hold a name and grade
    -ask_grade/name should prompt them for their grade/name and have them input it into the rec
    -save data should open a file (binary) and use fstream::write
    -wish to continue should ask them for a y or n to continue and return true or false

    (sorting is beyond this, but not that hard)

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