I have a 'god' class and a 'person' class that both derive from the 'universal' class. The universal class does things like set their names and ages (simple stuff). I am trying to make a 'god' method that creates new people by using a vector. This is how I usually use my vectors:
typedef vector<type*> TypeVector;
TypeVector NewVector;
NewVector.push_back(new type);
I want to have basically the same thing in my createpeople method in the god class
	void createpeople(int people) {
		typedef vector<person*> PersonVector;
		PersonVector People;

		cout << endl
		 << "Creating people" << endl;
		for(x = 0; x < people; x++)
			People.push_back(new person);
		godspeople = people;
it says that person is an undeclared identifier