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    Question Name spaces in C++

    Hi all,

    I am writting an application in Visual C++ and am having troubles linking the front end modules with the back end ones.

    Im getting hundreds of link errors and suspect its due to
    class/variable nameing conflicts.

    Someone suggested i use a feature called "name sapceing" but i cant find much info about it.

    Does anyone know how to use it and how data is shared using name spaceing.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Captain Fish.

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    namespace MyNames{
    int aVar = 10;
    // or any other stuff here (classes, functions, ...)
    // In other source file you can use the namespace like this:
    cout << MyNames::aVar;
    // ----- or -----
    using MyNames::aVar;
    cout << aVar;
    This is just a quick example. Please ask for more information if something is unclear.
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