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    C++ standards


    Does Turbo c++ compiler conforms with ANSI standards. Becaues I am using Turbo C++ 3.0 compiler. But it doesn't support the type "bool" and namespaces.

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    You probably have an older version that doesn't support the new ISO standard.

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    A valid question would be, "does any compiler fully support the standard?", I've yet to find one.
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    Well... in fact most do. You can include parameters that will make them compile to fully ANSI/ISO. Like the '-ansi -pedantic' for gcc I learned on this forum some time ago. (Btw, I didn't take the '-pedantic' pun lightly)

    But, unfortunately, when you do that you are in for a nasty surprise. No matter how tidy your code is, the fact is that the libs that come with those compilers aren't fully compliant. I had the standard lib issuing errors all over when I tried the above on mingw

    So, instead of having a fully portable language like it could be described (and it was intended) we have yet another spaghetti one simply because library designers aren't as "pedantic" as they should be.
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