Thread: help this beginner(now registered)

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    Unhappy help this beginner(now registered)

    I have registered myself,as I suppose
    I was violating the rule of being unregistered
    and asking Qs,so pls atleast now help me out!!

    the Q is if there are multiples of a single name in the database ,that records should be displayed and
    user should be asked to type in the ID.....for which particular name he wants to make changes.......

    I was able to find duplicate names but I just cant
    understand when I type in the right ID then too
    it displays the message
    "ID not found"
    Please look at my code,and pls let me know where I am going wrong......
    I would really appreciate if someone help this beginner.

    validCompName = validateCompetitorName(compName); 
    result = checkDup(database,validCompName);
    int index = unsortedFind(database,tmprec, validCompName);
    		...display that particular records...								index ++;
       cout<<"Multiple entries found"<<endl;
       cout<<"pls type ID"<<endl;
        sID = getID();
        validID = validateID(sID,tmprec);
        ID = atoi(validID.c_str());
       if(database[index].ID!= ID)
         cout<<"ID not found"<<endl;
       option =getMenuOption();
       else if(database[index].ID==ID)
          compName = getCompetitorName();
          validCompName = validateCompetitorName(compName);
          cout<<"record edited"<<endl;
    int checkDup ( competitor database[], string name )
     for(int x= 0; x<DATABASESIZE;x++)
             if ( database[x].competitorName == name ) 
           return ( count > 1 ) ? 1 : 0;
    int unsortedFind(const competitor database[], const int tmprec, string name)//tmrec = no. of records currently in an array
    while(index <tmprec)
    	if (name == database[index].competitorName)
    			result = index;
    			index = tmprec;
    	return result;

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    Lightbulb Hmmm...

    Hello cute little newbie!

    I have no compiler here in the internet cafe so I just did a manual evaluation of your code.

    I think this is your problem:

    ID = atoi(validID.c_str());

    I don't know if atoi() can evaluate a function, even if it returns a string.

    If no conversion takes place, then atoi() returns a NULL and your ID may then have a zero value, which of course (I think), is not a valid ID in your database.

    How bout tryin' this:

    char *string;

    string = validID.c_str();
    ID = atoi(string);

    Compile it and inform me if I'm mistaken.
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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks for ur reply....
    it was not problem of atoi function, I was not incrementing the index value,thats why it was just comparing with 0 I had initiliazed the index to 0;
    But thanks a lot anyway for the ur courtesy of replying to my thread.
    There r still good people out there ,who give the helping hand who r really struggling hard find the solution....for a problem.

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    There is no unwritten rule of not helping Unregistereds. It is just that your code is incomplete so the problem may not be pinpointable. Also, you included a great deal of code which causes lazy people (like me ) to skip it. Hence, if you can pinpoint your problem by using your compiler errors, we might be able to help you.

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