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    Newbie help

    Newbie here needs some help, I have to use this header file as is, i can not modify it. I have only worked on 3 functions and i am having problems....please help

    // header file
    class Date
    Date(int m = MM, int d = DD, int y = YY, const char *name = NA);
    void setDate(int m, int d, int y, const char *name = NA);
    ~Date();			//destructor
    void print() const;	//display data
    void cinDate();		//cin the date
    int theMonth;
    int theDay;
    int theYear;
    char *theName;
    void setString(const char *str);	//utility function
    // implementation
    Date::Date(int m, int d, int y, const char *name)
    { setDate(m, d, y, const char *name); }
    void Date::setDate(int m, int d, int y, const char *name)
    theMonth = (m >= 1 && m <= 12) ? m : MM;
    theDay = (d >= 1 && d <= 31) ? d : DD;
    theYear = (y >= 0 && y <= MAX_YY) ? y : YY;
    setString(const char *str);
    void Date::print() const
    cout << "theMonth" << " theDay" << "," << " theYear" << endl;
    the void setdate function is suppose to validate parameters and sets all data components. If parameters are out of range, defaults will be used. The function setString() to set up theName.

    Date.....The constructor has four args. Its also default constructor. The function calls setDate() to init the components. (did i call the function right?)

    I get these four errors
    error C2059: syntax error : 'const'
    : error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before 'const'
    : error C2660: 'setString' : function does not take 0 parameters
    : error C2059: syntax error : ')'

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    Date::Date(int m, int d, int y, const char *name)
    // { setDate(m, d, y, const char *name); } // should be
    { setDate(m, d, y, name); }
    You don't need the types of the arguments when calling functions, the compiler already knows the type of every named variable in your program. You need to change your setString call as well.
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