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    Hi there. Few days ago I desided to create small program that would copy any file. But I met some realy serios problem: if file I want to copy is not a txt-file(*.wav, *.bmp, *.doc etc.) my program copies few symbols and closing file. Here's simplefied version of my program:

    #include <fstream.h>

    int main(int argnum, char* argu[])
    if (argnum == 1)
    cout << " File Copier V1.0 " << endl;
    cout <<'\n'<< " Usage: filecpy.exe file1 file2 " << endl;
    return 1;

    ifstream infile (argu[1]);
    ofstream fileout (argu[2],ios::app);

    if( ( !infile ) || ( !fileout) )
    cout << "\n ERROR! Enable to open/create file ! \n";
    return 1;

    char ch[60];

    while (!infile.eof())
    infile >>ch;
    fileout << ch;


    return 0;

    Please help me solve that problem, it realy holding be back. Thank You.
    C++ rulez!!!

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    LPSTR Progname; //obviously you need to input a value to Progname
    FILE *OriginalFile = fopen(Progname, "rb");
    FILE *CopiedFile = fopen(Copyofprog, "wb");
    int gk;
    while ((gk = fgetc(OriginalFile)) != EOF);
    fputc(gk, CopiedFile);

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