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    new too this all

    i am verry new i have download the program today and i dont know anything about it

    I have worked with VB6.0 for a while but the best that i can do are labels.visible = true
    stupid buttons with an end fuction

    thats all i know about it and here i am to learn c++

    where do i get as much info for free of course
    i dont even know how to start

    in vb i can make graphic then add a lill code here and there but in c++???????

    plz help me i dont know anything about it

    =OS: winXP===
    =visual basic 6=
    =visual C++ 6==

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    if you are not sure on how to use visuall C++, then consult the documentation (help files), if you want to learn C++, good places to go are
    and and search for c++ there. beyone those sites you should buy some books like C++ Black Book by Helzner...good luck.
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