Thread: Still need info about file creation

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    Angry Still need info about file creation

    I cant seem to find out how to add Author, Description, Comments, etc... (as seen in the file properties) directly when creating the file. I am thinking there must be something I can easily work with to add this info when a file is created in the program

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    Learn some programming first before you play around with comments. For your curiosity, here it is anyways:

     Author: A programmer
     Date: Today
     Phone Number: My boyfriend has it
    #include <iostream>
    int main()
     cout << "Hello world!!" << endl;
     return 0;
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    Ah, I guess I wasnt very clear in my post. What I am after is the properties summary stuff, not source code comments.
    For example, if you open windows explorer and right click on a file, select Properties, then select the Summary Tab, it has fields you can edit about the file, such as Author, Comments, Title, Subject, and description.
    I would like to populate these field when I create the file, but I cant seem to find out if there is some kind of standard variable in some recordset or class or object that handles them.

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    Bunny: why would it be bad to play with comments before writing code?? Dont you think that it'd be a good idea if people learn to write comments from the word go!

    Go ahead with the comments i say!!

    Lee: the stuff you are looking for is windows specific! not c++ specific. look through MSDN and the windows API to get information on this.

    Good luck
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    This link may help.

    MSDN - Summary Info
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